Mission Statement

To produce a strong impact in the community through genuine compassionate Christianity. To seek the lost bringing them to a full acceptance of Jesus Christ through repentance one on one. To operate by the leading of the Holy Spirit. To be dignified, professional and excellent in all we do.

Vision Statement

  • To be a beacon of light demonstrating the power of the gospel of Christ through Fervent prayer and application of biblical truths through holy living.
  • To educate and motivate all age groups concerning the ministry of home and foreign missions as Jesus commissioned-St. Matthew 28:19-20, St. Mark 15:16.
  • To be committed to effective life changing communication of God’s word Through expository teaching and preaching.
  • To be a church that is racially, culturally and ethnically integrated.
  • To strive to develop bible based social programs that will bring healing to our Community.
  • To be sensitive in recognizing and responding to the physical, material and emotional needs of Christian brethren and non Christian alike. Demonstrating the love of Christ.

Doctrinal Purity

Committed to preserving, defending and proclaiming the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith as set forth in the scriptures.