About Cynthia Green

Cynthia Green was born in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica, W.I.  She migrated to Canada at the age of fourteen where she grew up under the guardianship of a paternal aunt, Mrs. Estriana Adlam.  Cynthia attended Outremont High School where she graduated and pursued a career in nursing at the Rosemont Vocational Training Center, graduating with a certificate as a licensed practical nurse.

Cynthia’s work experience included the Montreal Children’s Hospital as well as the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal and the Allan Memorial Institute.  Nursing has always been her love, and with every chance she gets she has always tried to return to that career.

The spiritual experience of Minister Green started as a child when she attended the New Testament Church of God in her District back in Jamaica.  The seed was planted in her heart to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior.  This seed germinated and matured by her conversion in Montreal, Quebec as she surrendered her life to the Lord in a Thursday night service at the United Pentecostal Church to which her aunt and family attended.

As a young convert she was always busy with evangelism.  She went door –to- door on Saturdays, handing out tracts and witnessing to anyone who would listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When her family started the Bethlehem Healing Fountain ministry, Minister Green was an ardent worker.  Still doing evangelism, she was also included in the weekly house-to-house prayer meetings and house visitation.  Among other things she filled the secretarial position of the church for fifteen years.  She was also the director of the Sunday school for five years; as well as being a member of the Prayer Band.

In 1985 Minister Green migrated to Brooklyn, New York where she was untied in Holy Matrimony to the late Bishop Samuel Green 11; a union which lasted for nineteen years.  While raising a family of three sons (Samuel 111, Paul and Joshua), and one daughter (Jasmin), Cynthia supported her husband tremendously as he built the Gospel Tabernacle Network of ministries under the leadership and direction of God.  She worked as secretary of The Gospel Tabernacle Church Organization from 1988 to present and as Sunday School Director for the 2314 Snyder branch from 1992 until 2003.  She is also an ardent bible teacher.

The ministry of Helps best describes this woman of God who is able to work in any and many capacity of the ministry including delivering motivational sermons.  Presently, along with helping to continue the legacy of her late husband, Bishop Samuel Green 11, she has started in 1999 the GTC Food Pantry where food bags are distributed to over one hundred families from the community on Saturday mornings. Since September 2009 Minister Green has volunteered to be the minister-in-charge of the 725 Franklin Avenue ministry, which is re-establishing itself in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn.  In 2011 she has started the Prospect Heights Intercessory Prayer line 9:30 am from Mondays to Saturdays

Minister Green has traveled to wherever the Gospel Tabernacle network of ministry is located, England, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Dominican Republic, and in 2008 led a delegation of eighteen to visit Israel and Egypt.  She holds a three year certificate in General Bible knowledge from the Alpha Bible School, Oregon, and plans to continue her formal Biblical studies in the near future.  Her fervent fasting and prayer is for a Holy Ghost revival in the Borough of Brooklyn.  Her motto of life is found in St. Luke 17:10, “Doing my duties as God’s Servant”.