The Early Years

The Gospel Tabernacle church of Jesus Christ was established on February 10, 1972 under the leadership of Bishop Samuel Green at 1632 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Elder Green as he was then called was an assistant pastor to Bishop W. Pickett, Apostolic Gospel Church, Brooklyn New York. Being called of God, Bishop Green did not hesitate to answer and willingly stood in the gap as the shepherd of the small flock which God had entrusted in his care. He stepped out in faith and the church began to multiply. With the growth of the church it was time to move from 1632 Nostrand Avenue to 1513 Nostrand Avenue which was a much larger building. The Lord was still adding to the church so the need for a larger building was again necessary.

It was then that 1085-1093 Flatbush Avenue (The Theatre) was purchased. The journey seemed as if it was over but the struggles continued and it was time to move again. Not willing to accept the fact that it was getting harder to maintain the ministry rather than fold their wings and give up it was decided to move to a smaller building at 725 Franklin Avenue in early 1983 which is now pastored by Minister Cynthia Green.

In June 1985 we again moved to our current location at 2314 Snyder Avenue. God had again enlarged our borders as the ministry started to prosper. On June 4, 1988 another daughter church was formed in the Bronx, NY under the pastorate of Overseer L. Blake at 710 E 212 Street.

The Later Years-1988-2003

In 1988, there was a mighty move of God and a greater desire to spread the gospel throughout the world. The Gospel Tabernacle church and the True Witness church came together to form  the True Gospel United Church of Jesus Christ. With a stronger determination, we were able to penetrate the borders of the Eastern Caribbean, England and Jamaica as well. This relationship grew and the fellowship was great in spite of the difficulties but through all that we did not give up. Although things did not turn out as expected, but our Pioneer, Leader, Shepherd, Motivator and Bishop was more determined than ever to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. He always says, “even if I have to die trying, I will not give up. When God open doors I will walk through it.”

Another transition period came about in July 1996 and as a result another branch of The Gospel Tabernacle was formed at 710 E 216 Street, Bronx, NY under the pastorate of Elder R.L. Williamson. This was an extremely trying time for the ministry but with much fasting and prayer God brought us through. As it was in the book of Acts the church of God thrives through difficulties.

Being a man of vision, Bishop Green saw no mountain that was too high, no tunnel he could not tunnel through nor any river he could not cross over. In bringing the message of salvation to the world we have made inroads in the United Sates of America, West Indies, Africa, India and Latin America. God has commanded us to bring the gospel to every creature and in doing so language is not a barrier. We now had a union with the Latin community and fellowshipped with Elder Felix Sosa of NYC in 2002 under the able hands of Elder Benjamin Nelson.

We had 13 churches in the United States and Jamaica, and were partners in mission with the Iglesia Apostolic Y Misionera (Apostolic and Missionary Church) in Santo Domingo pastored by Pastor Juan Ramirez. One of Bishops greatest desire was to have a Bible school and to God be the Glory the Gospel Tabernaccle Bible Institute was officially started on Sept. 8, 2003 under the directorship of Ministers, Dr. M. Scott-Burrell and others. Classes were held every Monday night at 8 pm. Another vision Bishop had was to establish a Day Care Center and School at the 2314 Snyder Location. It will be named The Samuel Green Day Care Center, in honor of our beloved Bishop, Father, Pastor, friend and mentor. This venture was diverted to become a banquet hall instead of a daycare center. One of Bishops’ favorite quotations was, “I will take the knockdown but I will not take the count out.”

Well done Bishop Green, you have done well but now the Lord has called you to a higher service, we will continue with the vision you have started. His constant promise was to spread the gospel around the world, and through Christ helping others help themselves. Bishop died doing what he loves best, that is helping others.

2003-To Present

Bishop Samuel Green has departed this life on November 30, 2003. This came as a shock to us, to say the least; however he seemed to have felt his departure coming on since on Wednesday, November 26th, as he concluded the Bible teaching session he said: “I am ready to go, it does not matter the way I go, whether by a car crash, plane crash or a heart attack. I am ready! Do not pray the Hezekiah prayer for me, because Hezekiah prayed and got 15 extra years, in which he got messed up. I don’t want to remain and get messed up when it is my time to go”!

In 2006 overseer Kingsford A. Bloomfield was elected and installed as the succeeding presiding bishop of the Gospel Tabernacle church organization. He is also serving as the president of the corporation. In 2010 Elder F. V. A. Williamson of our Bronx branch, was placed as the vice-president of the corporation.
The Gospel Tabernacle has experienced its fair share of transitional struggles since the death of our pioneer pastor and Bishop. It has not been easy to move forward in the absence of such a dynamic leader. Some of our fellowshipping churches have since left the organization; and some of our pastors have moved on to raise up ministries of their own. However there still remains ten branches which were all birthed out of GTC Inc.

It is of certainty that hundreds have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ through this ministry, and many have confessed faith in Christ; many pastors and ministers have been raised up and countless numbers have been helped in their quality of life as they became citizens of the U. S. A. Our current pastors are ardent and faithful and are men and women of integrity.

We are seeking God for an end-time revival which the apostolic church so desperately needs in these last days. We believe that greater days are yet ahead as we serve the Lord in sincerity and in truth!

Compiled By: Missionary S. Hutchinson and Cynthia Green